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All of our food starts out somewhere on a farm, whether it’s the egg that is bred by a chicken, the stalks of corn in the field or the tomatoes in a green house. Farming is where it all starts out and a lot of what determines the quality and type of food is determined there and then at the farm. The type of seed a farmer will use or a the breed of cow will all determine the quality and characteristics of our food.
How we organize farming within the world, whether it’s conventional vs organic, mono-culture vs a diverse set of crops has a huge impact on the sustainability of our planet.

It’s a complex world, but if you want to understand your food, you have to start at the farms. It’s where the first important choices of your food are made!

Next step: you’ve got an ingredient, ready to go into your food!

risotto rice kernels

Where Rice Comes From

Brown rice, Basmati rice, par-boiled rice, whole grain rice, there are a lot of different types of rice. Some are actually different types of rice, others are simply processed in a different way, causing them to behave...

salad leaves

How Lettuce is Grown Without Soil

We humans have been growing food for thousands of years, using the soil around us. Soil supplies plants with water and all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Combined with the power of the sun and rain, the...

sliced avocado

The Science of Growing, Storing & Ripening Avocados

Are you one of those people who squeeze every single avocado in a store before deciding on one to buy? Or do you buy them unripe and leave them to ripen at home? Or do you eat them fresh from the tree? I sure hope...

close up of cinnamon sticks

Where Cinnamon Comes from (Cinnamon Science)

That cinnamon powder that you buy in your supermarket has come a long way. Because, even though cinnamon is such a complex and rich product, consisting of hundreds of different molecules, it is completely natural. In...

pigs in the barn, relaxing

Where pork meat comes from – Visiting a pig farm

Seeing where our food comes from is a great way to better understand our food, not just the science, but the whole supply chain that starts long before it comes in a factory, supermarket or on our plate. Seeing how...

close up of red tasty tom tomatoes

How Tomatoes are Grown in Highly Efficient Greenhouses

Knowing where your food comes from and understanding how it’s made, helps you understand your food even better. The science of our food starts at the farm, or even earlier, at the seed manufacturer. Even though a...