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orange slices

What Makes an Orange, Orange?

Oranges are orange. Not sure which was named first here, the fruit or the color? But, that’s not what we’re interested in anyway. We want to know, why do oranges have this bright, orange color? What is the underlying chemistry?…

Dutch cheese gouda

The Science of Cheese

From protein science, to milk analysis, from paneer, to Parmigiano, the world of cheese is a big and complex one. It’s easy to build an entire career around the topic of cheese-making, make that more than one career if you…


TaaiTaai – A Tough Dutch ‘Cookie’

Taaitaai, literally translated, it means ‘toughtough’. It’s a Dutch style of cookie that you’ll only find in stores in November, until early December. With a slight anise seed flavor it’s a main stay of the ‘Sinterklaas’ celebration season. The reason…