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Improve Your Food Through Science and Teach You Science Through Food

On the blog we analyze and observe failures and successes in the kitchen and explore the science behind it all. If you want to know how to prevent bananas from going brown, what yeast really is, what those scientists mean with water activity and shelf life, you’re at the right place! Start exploring our blog!

About the author

My name is Julie Mal (pen name), and I am the author behind the content of this website. I’m from the Netherlands, a pretty small country in North-Western Europe. After high school, I studied chemical engineering and food technology. Once graduated, I started working in the industrial production of food, which I still do and greatly enjoy. Currently, I live in the USA.

At home, I like to experiment, cook, bake, read, study food, and so forth. That’s why I started this blog and ‘consulting website’, as I enjoy answering questions from readers. I love to learn while at the same time inspire and teach others on topics that I find fascinating.

A few important notes

All photos on this blog are my own, unless stated otherwise. If I do use photos or recipes from other sources, I will clearly mention it and include a link. If you think I may have (accidentally) misused your images, please let me know.

The core of this website is the explanation of science behind your food. Having recipes to illustrate those concepts helps us bring this to life. We take inspiration from a lot of different sources and always try to mention these either in the recipe itself if it’s been our main source of inspiration, or at the bottom of a post. If you believe I haven’t properly referred a resource, please me know using the contact form below.

Use my content as a resource as you would do whenever doing research. Rephrase the content in your own words and if publishing line, include a link back to the website. Please do not copy and paste :-).

How to cite the website

A lot of people use information from our website for school, university or research projects, which is great! Please feel free to use the website as long as you reference it well. Here are two ways in which you can reference our website:

“Blog post title”, Retrieved “day-month-year”, from “URL”

Mal, J., “Blog post title”, Retrieved “day-month-year”, from “URL”

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