Welcome to my blog, in which we:

“Help cooks/chefs and food producers improve their food (production) through their understanding of food science.”

On the blog we analyze and observe failures and successes in the kitchen and explore the science behind all of that. So if you want to know how to prevent bananas from going brown, what yeast really is, what those scientists meand with water activity and shelf life, you’re at the right place.

We do this through a lot of blog posts on individual topics but are also working on an expending range of food science courses of which the first one ‘Food Science Basics’ has been live since the summer of 2016.

We love nothing more than hearing from cooks, bloggers, chefs, food producers with their struggles so would love to hear from you and get to know you. Connect with us through the contact form below if you’d like specific advice or have a question to ask (and feel free to comment on the blog posts of coruse!).

About the author

Me (pen name Julie), am the author behind the blog posts on this website and the sciency analyses. I’m Dutch and live in the Netherlands, a pretty small country in the north-west of Europe. After high school I studied chemical engineering and food technology and went abroad a couple of times doing up a lot of amazing experiences.

Once graduated, I started work in the food industry (not restaurants, etc. but the ‘industrial’ production of food), which I still do and greatly enjoy.

At home I like to experiment, cook, bake, read, study food, etc. That’s why I started this blog and ‘consulting website’. I love to learn and at the same time inspire/teach others on topics I find fascinating.

Some other important things

All photos on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise. If I do use photos, recipes, etc. from other websites I will always include a link. In case you don’t agree with the way I might have used your content, please let me know. The other way around is the same, feel free to use my content, but if you do, make it clear and place a link back.

My blog is purely personal and is completely separated from my professional life. Any opinions, analyses, etc. are my own. It’s a hobby that I greatly enjoy doing, however, for now that also brought me to the decision to keep this blog kind of anonymous.