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Welcome to FoodCrumbles.com! Here, our mission is to

Improve your food through science and teach science, through food

On the blog we analyze and observe failures and successes in the kitchen and explore the science behind all of that. So if you want to know how to prevent bananas from going brown, what yeast really is, what those scientists mean with water activity and shelf life, you’re at the right place. Go to our start here page to get you started.

Connect/partner with us!

We love nothing more than hearing from cooks, bloggers, chefs, food producers with their struggles so would love to hear from you and get to know you. Connect with us through the contact form below if you’d like specific advice or have a question to ask (and feel free to comment on the blog posts of coruse!).

We are always looking for collaborations with others! We’ve interviewed people from the food industry (e.g. Helen Mitchell & the inventor of the LoafNest). Also, we’re looking to work together with (preferably small scale) manufacturers to give people a look inside a food production facility and understand how food is made. Of course, we’re not interested in your trade secrets and recipes, but would love to share how our food is made. Please feel free to reach out!

We are not actively looking for paid advertising, paid guest posts, etc. However, if you think your product could be beneficial for our readers (= people interested in food & science) and if there’s an interesting story to tell (e.g. how it was developed, what’s unique) then we’d be very happy to talk to you and see if we can collaborate.

About the author

I, Julie Mal (which is my pen name, you can also call me Science Chef), am the author behind the content of this website and the sciency analyses of food. I’m Dutch (aka, from the Netherlands which is a pretty small country in the north-west of Europe). After high school I studied chemical engineering and food technology. Once graduated, I started work in the food industry (not restaurants, etc. but the ‘industrial’ production of food), which I still do and greatly enjoy. Currently, I live in the USA.

At home I like to experiment, cook, bake, read, study food, etc. That’s why I started this blog and ‘consulting website’ (in other words, I answer questions from readers, which I greatly enjoy). I love to learn and at the same time inspire/teach others on topics I find fascinating.

Some other important things

All photos on my blog are my own unless stated otherwise. If I do use photos, recipes, etc. from other sources I will clearly mention so and include a link. If you think I may have (accidentally) misused your images, please let me know.

Feel free to use my content, but if you do, make it clear and place a link back and do not literally copy/paste it :-).

My blog is purely personal and is completely separated from my professional life. Any opinions, analyses, etc. are my own. It’s a hobby that I greatly enjoy doing, however, for now that also brought me to the decision to keep this blog kind of anonymous.

How to cite the website

A lot of people use the website for school, university or research projects, which is great! Please feel free to use the website as long as you quote it well. There are a lot of ways this website can be quoted. Here’s two recommendations that are quite common in literature on how to cite websites:

“Blog post title”, Retrieved “day-month-year”, from “URL”

Mal, J., “Blog post title”, Retrieved “day-month-year”, from “URL”

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