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  • Bread making process – An overview & Guide to tools for the bread maker
    There are a lot of steps involved in making bread. Some are optional, some are not (you’ll have to put it in an oven at some point!). Bread making may seem daunting, but once you understand why […]
  • perfect scone dough scones homemade jamScones & Scone Dough – Do’s and Don’ts
    Are you also one of those people who doesn’t tend to follow recipes precisely? When you’re asked to add eggs in one by one, or to pour in the sugar slowly, or to use a separate bowl to […]
  • left dough risen too long, right dough risen well, two loafsBread baking tips from the Great British Bake Off
    He pokes his finger in the bread, has a close look and says, without yet having taken a bite, ‘this is cleary underbaked’. He the takes another bread, looks at the air holes in them and […]
  • cherry cakeCandied cherries
    It’s bright red but slightly translucent, has a peculiar flavour, is full of sugar, keeps for a long time and used in typical British cakes. When using them in a cake, you should be cutting […]
  • baked meringuesThe science of meringue: egg whites & sugar
    Made ice cream and have some egg whites left? Don’t feel like going through all the hassle of making marshmallows? That our go-to solution is to make some meringues. It would be a waste to […]
  • shortbread, caramel chocolate barsRole of flour, butter and sugar in cookies – Shortbread science
    Take some butter, mix it with sugar, add some flour and you’ve got a cookie going. Three ingredients is all you need to bake a decent cookie. Of course, you add more ingredients, nuts, fruits, […]
  • The Dorito Effect – Book review
    Some books change the way you look at the world. They might change your opinion on a certain topic, teach you something new or appreciate something new. I like those books, it’s why I read books, to […]
  • bite in an ice cream barHow an ice cream bar is made
    Ice cream bars seems to become more and more fancy. They used to be a creamy center, on a stick, with a simple chocolate or fruity layer around them. However, nowadays there are ice cream bars with […]
  • whisky glasses and vesselHow whisk(e)y gets its flavour
    What’s the similarity between vanilla ice cream and whisky? Any clue? It’s the vanilla. Whisky often contains vanilla flavours, just like ice cream does. But no vanilla bean has been […]
  • zucchini courgette cookies with half of them iced with icing sugar icingCookie icing science – Science guide of cookie decoration
    Every Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day or any other big holiday decorated cookies will start popping up all over the internet. Decorated pumpkins, heart, eggs and trees with […]