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  • hazelnut crumble bundt cakeWhy & how sour cream is used in cakes – Sour cream science
    We’ve discussed why you would use zucchini or carrots (even purple ones!) in a cake as well as how you can use corn starch powder instead of eggs. Of course there’s plenty more […]
  • 2 ingredient vanilla ice cream - top viewWhy emulsifiers & stabilizers are added into ice cream
    Have you ever looked closely at the label of your ice cream containers? If you did, you might have noticed ingredients on there that you don’t normally use when making ice cream at home. Often, […]
  • LoafNest - dough ready to bakeLoafNest: How a new way to bake bread was developed
    After testing the LoafNest and seeing how well it works, it was time to get to know the inventors of this new tool a little better. If you’ve missed the review: LoafNest is a new kit that makes […]
  • LoafNest freshly baked breadTesting Loafnest: A smart way to bake beautiful bread
    If you’re one of those people scared of baking your own bread because of the hassle and trouble involved, this post is for you. If you’re also interested in reading about a smart, […]
  • pulling the pulled porkPulled Pork Science
    Cooking and food preparation in general are super personal. Everyone has slightly different tastes and preferences. Not only that, some believe their way truly is the only way of doing it because of […]
  • spare ribs - close upScience of perfect oven baked ribs
    Ribs, or spare ribs, have never really been my favorite meal. I wouldn’t order them in a restaurant, too much bone, too much sauce, too much salt and fat, too little good taste. That was, until […]
  • msemen rghaif kofteMorrocan flatbread – Msemen /Rghaif & Laminating doughs
    Take some flour, water and salt and you’ve got the basis of so many different breads. What about Indian chapati or a whole wheat bread? Add some fat and you can make paratha, add some yogurt […]
  • book cover sweet yotam ottolenghiSweet (Yotam Ottolenghi) – A cookbook review
    Choosing which cookbooks to buy is hard, so sometimes you need to simplify the decision for yourself. So after seeing Yotam Ottolenghi in several episodes of Masterchef Australia, I decided his […]
  • close up cranberry walnut brie sandwichScience of flavour pairing – Cranberry, brie & walnut appetizer
    Anyone who’s developed a new recipe, which can be as simple as throwing some ingredients in a wok, will know that one of the tricks of a good recipe is the flavour combinations you make. Red […]
  • GreekGreek (George Calombaris) – A cookbook review
    Part of being a food scientist/science enthusiast, is to try out new foods, either when eating out, or in your own kitchen. Despite the fact that the internet is full of recipes, I still tend to like […]