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Here we love to dig just a little deeper into food and science.  We explain how food is made, how it's preserved & packaged and what the role of the ingredients in your food are. We also analyze recipes, so you understand why a recipe is the way it is! Last but not least, we give you tools to develop a basic understanding of food science! Have fun browsing around and don't forget to ask a question if you can't find the answer here!

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  • olive oil ice cream, super smoothHow ice cream is made in a factory
    Whether you make one bowl of ice cream at home, or 1000 liter in a factory, the science of ice cream stays the same. You’d still want small ice crystals, to make a super smooth ice cream and […]
  • bacon slices, baked in the oven on at trayOn British vs American vs Canadian Bacon
    When visiting Great Britain, there are a few things you should try: an afternoon tea (with scones and clotted cream), fish and chips and, of course, an English breakfast. Although, I do have to […]
  • chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with pistachio crumb smChocolate and peanut butter dessert
    There are few shows I completely follow along with, but I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia since the start. None of the other version (US, UK, Dutch) have made it to my playlist. The […]
  • fresh fruits on the cheesecak, ready for the last bakeColours in fruits & vegetables
    Fruits and vegetables have a great wide variety of colours. The spectrum goes from orange to purple to green to bright red. It’s amazing how nature has developed all these bright and beautiful […]
  • brussel sproutsBrussel Sprouts – On bitterness & Glucosinolates
    For as long as I can remember Brussel sprouts have been one of my favorite foods to eat. Up to this day that is still the case, I still enjoy eating those mini cabbages, whether it’s boiled, […]
  • freshly harvested carrots, crinky and wobblyVegetable and fruit texture – On turgor and plant cells
    Poached pears are soft and juicy, whereas a ripe fresh pear has a nice crunch to it. Raw carrots crunch and you need a firm bite to break a bit of, but, the carrots which have been boiling in your […]
  • kale leavesWhy kale leaves shrink upon cooking – Leafy vs root vs stem vegetables
    Long before kale was a super food, and a real hit in foodie land, we Dutch in the Netherlands used to eat it plenty during the winter months. We’d use it to make […]
  • bright crispy chicken skinsScience of crispy foods – Crispy chicken skin
    We humans like crispy foods. Munching on a potato chip, cracking through some crispy pork belly or enjoying a crispy bread crust. There’s a reason chefs (and contestants on cooking shows) […]
  • top view of 6 kouign amannsKouign Amann – Science and history of a French pastry
    If you’ve never heard of kouign amann, you’re not the only one. It’s one of the many types of French pastry that exists, with its origins in a town in Bretagne. French pastry in […]
  • chocolate mousse with creme patissiereChocolate mousse – stabilizing a foam
    A good chocolate mousse is super smooth, airy, chocolatey and just melts in the mouth. It’s a great end to a dinner and is definitely one of my favorite desserts. If you want to make it […]