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  • book cover sweet yotam ottolenghiSweet (Yotam Ottolenghi) – A cookbook review
    Choosing which cookbooks to buy is hard, so sometimes you need to simplify the decision for yourself. So after seeing Yotam Ottolenghi in several episodes of Masterchef Australia, I decided his […]
  • close up cranberry walnut brie sandwichScience of flavour pairing – Cranberry, brie & walnut appetizer
    Anyone who’s developed a new recipe, which can be as simple as throwing some ingredients in a wok, will know that one of the tricks of a good recipe is the flavour combinations you make. Red […]
  • GreekGreek (George Calombaris) – A cookbook review
    Part of being a food scientist/science enthusiast, is to try out new foods, either when eating out, or in your own kitchen. Despite the fact that the internet is full of recipes, I still tend to like […]
  • rock sugar kandijsuikerRock sugar, Bastognekoeken & Sugar crystallization
    In the Netherlands we have this one cookie type that’s used for a lot of different dishes. They’re popular for use in cookie pie crusts, ice cream and a bunch of other recipes. Their […]
  • french fries from the 'snackbar' with mayonnaise and two typical dutch snacksScience for making perfect fries
    Made of a whole potato, with the skin still on, crispy and a light brown on the outside with a soft center, not too thin, preferable about 1 cm thick; those would be my perfect french fries. Best […]
  • sandwich with kroket and mustard, typically Dutch foodDutch Food – A selection & Cultural discussion
    It’s not easy to describe our Dutch cuisine. It’s a mix of many foods, with elements of Indonesian cooking, but especially a lot of simple foods. It’s worthwhile to share those with […]
  • boudin bakery bakers at workFamous sourdough bread – Boudin Bakery
    Long before instant yeast was on the market, bread bakers had to maintain and keep their own living yeasts to proof their breads. Since yeast are living micro organisms quite some care has to go into […]
  • bacon and eggs, fried on a cast-iron griddleStop your fried egg from sticking on a cast-iron skillet
    Bacon and eggs for breakfast, a classic. On a lazy Sunday morning you’ll talk your time to make some. Grab some eggs and slice some bacon. You pre-heat the skillet while doing so and once […]
  • stew meat (runderriblappen) beefChoosing meat for a stew – Beef pie
    Have you ever bought a beautiful piece of meat, tried to fry it in a frying pan, but no matter what you did, ended up with a leathery, tough piece of meat? Did it turn out dry and certainly not […]
  • cranberry apple pieA basic pie crust – Short crust pastry science
    There are a lot of different styles and types of pie crusts, some are sweet, some savoury. Some crunchy, some soft and tender. Your heritage will probably determine what you call a standard or basic […]