I help food manufacturers to (finally) get those important (R&D) projects done

You make quality food

You make quality food, whether that’s in a multinational or your small family business. But, if you’re honest, you know you can do better. Whether that’s with your product, your manufacturing process, your systems, or your team.

The truly important projects are not getting done

You’re busy with the day-to-day. You know that some important projects are not moving as fast as you want them to. They’re the complex ones. The ones someone needs to dig into. You and your team don’t have the time. Or the expertise. Or both.

But, not doing them is costing you money, customers, or more:

  • That issue in production that causes you to throw out at least one batch a day. Sure, it’s part of your cost calculations, but still, it’s costing you money, every single day.
  • The plant-based product variety that your customers have been asking for. It’s proving tricky to make the recipe work with the few quick-and-dirty trials you’ve done so far.
  • That trusted employee who’ll be retiring in a couple of months. They’re the one who everyone goes to when there’s a problem. But, so far, you haven’t done any transfer of expertise.
  • The new manufacturing facility that will be built in the next few years. You know this is your chance to finally improve some processes. But you haven’t even started.
  • Your innovation team is running at full speed. But, you know that if you’d organize things a little differently, you’d have to run less, while making a bigger impact.

It’s no wonder these projects fall through the cracks. These projects aren’t easy. You need time to do them, without continuously being distracted by other ‘urgent’ initiatives.

Let’s be honest. If you didn’t have the resources in the past few months, you won’t have them in the upcoming months either. But can you afford to keep on delaying the work?

If not, that’s where I can help.

I can execute and manage whole projects or do just those parts that need attention now. Each project is different, so I always tailor a proposal to your specific needs.

Even for big projects, we can start small. For instance, with my “Research & Discovery days”. By the end of these 2 days, you’ll be clear on your next steps and we’ll have made actual progress in your project. All for a set price.

Want to learn more?

Request a discovery call in which we’ll discuss your important project that isn’t progressing as you’d like. By the end, you’ll be clear on whether and how I might be able to help.

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Annelie experimenting

I’m Annelie, a food scientist by training with over 10 years of experience working in the food industry, mostly within R&D positions.

I’ve been sharing the science behind food for over 8 years, here on FoodCrumbles.com and I help businesses with a variety of projects. I thrive in making complex projects simple(r) while keeping the big picture and the details in mind.

How I can help you

R&D Projects

Whether it’s the execution of an entire project or a specific set of tasks. I help food manufacturers move important projects forward that have been stalled for too long.

Develop a Training

I can help you build in-house technical trainings. Essential to skill up new employees, and to prevent crucial expertise getting lost.


Developing a new product or process? Need some help to understand what’s going on and how to validate?

Let’s study food

Want to have a go at figuring out what’s going on yourself first? Sure! Browse through all my articles on the science behind a wide variety of foods here on the blog.

Here’s what others had to say

Wonderful course. Annelie explains everything in a very clear way, with a lot of patience.

Naomi S., student in Dec-2022

I am really appreciating the course so far.  I really do enjoy learning about the science of it.  It does make me want to experiment with […] candy for my own enjoyment.

Joanne, student in Sep-2023

I think it´s fantastic to have information for people like me, I am not a food technologist, I am a chef, and I work in food production plant and I am in charge of the development of new products, so having some science in hand is very helpful.
[…] I have done these recipes before,  […] but the science behind them is what I need to understand more, so I can take better decisions!

Diana, student in Sep-2023

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