Why & how sour cream is used in cakes

You can make a cake with very few ingredients, equal amounts of flour, butter, eggs and sugar will give you a delicious pound cake. However, you can tweak the flavour and texture of your cake in an unlimited...

Science of your clotted cream

There are a lot of different creams out these in the supermarket nowadays. An acidic sour cream to top a baked potato, a heavy whipping cream to top your apple pie and so many more. Clotted cream is yet...

Making (lazy) risotto – science of risotto rice

If you’re an avid follower of Masterchef Australia (as myself), you’re probably familiar with the ‘death dish’ (although it’s less of a death dish in the more recent seasons):...

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Food Science Basics

Just getting started in the world of food science and want to get your fundamentals straightened out? No problem, we've got a good selection of articles for you.

The science of distilling liquors

We know how to make spirits (we discussed that here), and we know that to make spirits (or liquors) you need to distill fermented grains. Distillation isn’t just used in spirits production though. It is one of any...

Chocolate milk & Sedimentation

Nothing fits a good wintery day better than a warm chocolate milk, don’t you agree? The heat of the milk warms you up just a little and it gives you enough of a boost of energy to get going again. It’s a...

Colours in fruits & vegetables

Have you ever noticed how fruits and vegetables have a wide variety of colours? The spectrum goes from orange to purple to green to bright red. It’s amazing how nature has developed all these bright and beautiful...

Cake Science

Bread Science

How papadums (papads) work and are made

Indian food is known for all its accompaniments on the plate. Whether it’s a chutney, a pickle or some type of bread, most meals aren’t just made of one dish. For bread, there are a lot of different options...

Vegetable Science

Ice Cream Science

How ice cream is made in a factory

Whether you make one bowl of ice cream at home, or 1000 liter in a factory, the science of ice cream stays the same. You’d still want small ice crystals, to make a super smooth ice cream and you’d like to...

Meat Science

Vegetarian Chicken – How is it made?

What do you think the dish at the top of this photo consists of? Looks like chicken with rice to you? It does so to me as well! However, it is ‘chicken’, but, it’s vegetarian… Most of us know: we...

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Cheese Science

Pie Science

Cookie Science