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Here we love to dig just a little deeper into food and science.  We explain how food is made, how it's preserved & packaged and what the role of the ingredients in your food are. We also analyze recipes, so you understand why a recipe is the way it is! Last but not least, we give you tools to develop a basic understanding of food science! Have fun browsing around and don't forget to ask a question if you can't find the answer here!

Our latest content:

  • Anova NanoAn introduction to sous vide cooking
    It shows up in any cooking competition, or fancy restaurants. There’s even cookbooks devoted to it: sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooking seems to be the perfect match for food scientists and […]
  • Anova Nano side viewSous vide cooking – Reviewing the Anova Nano
    If you’re a food scientist, it almost seems unavoidable to dive into the world of sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooking has been quite the rage for a while for chefs and food enthusiasts. […]
  • pulling the pulled porkPulled Pork Science
    Have you ever wonder why you can pull pulled pork into a lot of tiny strands? Why it’s so different from a quickly grilled pork chop? Why it isn’t tough, but soft and tender (despite […]
  • Victoria sandwich with cranberry jam and icing sugarVictoria sandwich – History & science of a cake
    The Victoria sandwich is one of those bakes with a very rich history to it. It is believed to have been (one of) Queen Victoria’s favorite cake(s). It is a round cake of two layers with jam in […]
  • almond tuiles baked for three different durationsAlmond tuile science – Flexible when hot, crispy when cold
    If you’re a fan of cooking/baking shows you will have probably seen them come by: almond tuiles. Pretty, delicate and tasty cookies, but, the special bit is that they’re very flexible […]
  • hot water crust pastry hand shapedHot water crust pastry
    If there’s one completely new thing I learned from the show Great British Bake Off, it’s hot water crust pastry. I had never heard of the term before watching the show. Although, looking […]
  • LoafNest - dough ready to bakeLoafNest: How a new way to bake bread was developed
    Have you ever dreamed of developing your own kitchen tools to sell to others? Slightly overwhelmed by the long journey from idea, to prototype, to fundraising and actual manufacturing? We got to […]
  • on food and cooking coverOn Food and Cooking (Harold McGee) – A book review
    If I could recommend just one book to someone interested to learn more about food & science, it would be On Food and Cooking (affiliate link), by Harold McGee. It is more of an encyclopedia than […]
  • Babka, half a circular babka swirled with chocolate4 ways to shape a bread with a filling
    Bread can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You can make a perfectly fine loaf from just flour, water, salt and yeast, shaped into a nice simple boule (or not shaped at all and just […]
  • cranberry jam with fresh cranberriesCranberry science & Why cranberries make a great jam
    Every year, around the American Thanksgiving holiday, the internet seems to be full of cranberries again. We’ve looked at these native to North America fruits before, when using a flavour […]