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Here we love to dig just a little deeper into food and science.  We explain how food is made, how it's preserved & packaged and what the role of the ingredients in your food are. We also analyze recipes, so you understand why a recipe is the way it is! Last but not least, we give you tools to develop a basic understanding of food science! Have fun browsing around and don't forget to ask a question if you can't find the answer here!

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  • Babka, half a circular babka swirled with chocolate4 ways to shape a bread with a filling
    Bread can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You can make a perfectly fine loaf from just flour, water, salt and yeast, shaped into a nice simple boule (or not shaped at all and just […]
  • cranberry jam with fresh cranberriesCranberry science & Why cranberries make a great jam
    Every year, around the American Thanksgiving holiday, the internet seems to be full of cranberries again. We’ve looked at these native to North America fruits before, when using a flavour […]
  • butter chicken sauceUsing Cashews as thickeners – Butter Chicken Science
    If you grew up in certain parts of India you probably use bread (e.g. naan or chapati) as a utensil to scoop up sauces. Just imagine how annoying it would be if those sauces are as runny as a soup, […]
  • Food Lab front coverThe Food Lab – A cookbook review
    If I would have the time & space and plenty of people to eat all the food, I wouldn’t make just one or two batches of ice cream at a time. I would make 10, varying all those parameters […]
  • raw potatoesWhy some potato chips brown and others don’t – Potato science
    If you’ve ever made any potato dish you might have had both great success and failures with the exact same recipe. In some cases the fries just turn out perfect, in other cases they brown way […]
  • apple cider muffins close upHow apple cider (alcoholic) is made
    If you’re not American (or Canadian), apple cider to you will be an alcoholic beverage, made from apples. However, I just recently discovered that in the US, apple cider actually refers to a […]
  • slice of instant pot cheesecake with some raspberries (2)Super smooth Instant Pot cheesecake
    When cooking or baking, food scientists (that’s me!) like to disseminate their food and all what’s going on. So when you’re baking a cheesecake and it’s in the oven, you start […]
  • pepernoten in a bowlSpeculaaskruiden – A Dutch spice mix for pepernoten
    Every year, at the start of autumn, all over the USA (and the internet), pumpkin spice mixes pop up. Even in Europe you can see it popping up in autumn, though not (yet) as prevalent. Pumpkin spice […]
  • homemade yogurt with strawberries and oatsWhy yogurt marinades soften meat so well
    Whenever we make butter chicken, or just tandoori chicken, we marinate the meat in yogurt. Even though it is only in the marinade for 30 minutes or so, it makes the meat beautifully soft and tender. […]
  • scoops of cream cheese ice creamWhy cream cheese works great in ice cream
    My ice cream skills and knowledge have been increasing steadily ever since buying ‘Hello, my name is ice cream‘ and practicing ice cream making in our ice cream machine. The other day, I […]