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  • Hydrox (left) vs. Oreo (right)Hydrox vs. Oreo cookies
    When entering the cookie isle in most large American supermarkets you will probably run into this large blue section, full of similar packages. Full of Oreo cookies. It’s one of the biggest […]
  • peanut butter browniePeanut butter brownies with cocoa powder
    Seeing the huge number of peanut butter chocolate recipes on the internet, it just has to be a good combination. In cooking shows on tv a chocolate peanut butter dessert can give you raving reviews […]
  • Food label basicsThe basics of food labels
    Labels on food generally have two very important functions: 1) make the product look appealing and make people want to buy it and 2) tell the (legal) details of your food. You both want to make sure […]
  • chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with pistachio crumb smChocolate and peanut butter dessert
    There are few shows I completely follow along with, but I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia since the start. None of the other version (US, UK, Dutch) have made it to my playlist, I simply […]
  • Food Chemistry Basics – Acid/base reactions
    There are a lot of different chemical reactions within food, far too many to all mention on this blog. However, chemical reactions can be organized in different types of reactions. One your […]
  • Food chemistry basics - what are emulsifiersFood Chemistry Basics – What are emulsifiers?
    Ever tried to make a simple dressing of olive oil and balsamic vinegar? Noticed that it’s impossible to keep these two mixed without continuously stirring or adding something like mustard? […]
  • Food chemistry basics - hydrophobic vs hydrophilicFood Chemistry Basics – Hydrophilic vs. hydrophobic & Polarity
    Sometimes a term might be so familiar to you that you use it all the time, whereas another person, who doesn’t know that term, has no idea what you’re talking about. When talking about […]
  • smoked sausage with the pink ringScience of smoking a sausage on the barbecue
    Ever compared how a sausage comes out after grilling, frying in a frying pan or ‘steaming’ in a little bit of water? They probably all turned out very differently! The steamed version […]
  • Food spoilage – Rancidity and food chemistry
    Ever found back an old bag of peanuts that just didn’t taste or smell good anymore? A little sour maybe but otherwise just not as good as a fresh peanut? Or have you had a similar experience, […]
  • lamb dish, lamb bhuna from Curry guy cookbookThe Curry Guy – A cookbook review
    I enjoy eating and cooking Indian food. The chapati flatbread is a home favorite, I love naan and dishes with paneer (e.g. saag paneer) tend to turn out well. That said though, I’ve never […]