Calculating the time it takes for a pie to cook – Fourier’s law

Cooking a pie in the oven is always a delicate balancing act. You don’t want the pie to dry out and become tough. But under cooking is probably worse, with raw liquid filling being left in the pie...

Calculating the temperature of food cooling down

How cold does your freezer need to be for freezing that piece of fish in less than 2 minutes?How fast does your cooling water need to flow to keep a pipe full of soup at temperature? If you’re designing...

How coffee beans are processed

Long before that steaming cup of (Turkish?) coffee stands in front of you, or even before you buy that bag of coffee beans, your coffee beans have been through quite a bit. From plant to farmer to processor...

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Food Science Basics

Just getting started in the world of food science and want to get your fundamentals straightened out? No problem, we've got a good selection of articles for you.

The science of distilling liquors

We know how to make spirits (we discussed that here), and we know that to make spirits (or liquors) you need to distill fermented grains. Distillation isn’t just used in spirits production though. It is one of any...

Lactic acid fermentation in food

Yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, none of these products would exist without lactic acid fermentation. This is a series of chemical reactions that transforms your ingredients into something pretty different (and delicious)...

Cake Science

Bread Science

How papadums (papads) work and are made

Indian food is known for all its accompaniments on the plate. Whether it’s a chutney, a pickle or some type of bread, most meals aren’t just made of one dish. For bread, there are a lot of different options...

Babka, half a circular babka swirled with chocolate

How to shape a bread with a filling

Bread can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be. You can make a perfectly fine loaf from just flour, water, salt and yeast, shaped into a nice simple boule (or not shaped at all and just put into a baking...

Vegetable Science

Ice Cream Science

How ice cream is made in a factory

Whether you make one bowl of ice cream at home, or 1000 liter in a factory, the science of ice cream stays the same. You’d still want small ice crystals, to make a super smooth ice cream and you’d like to...

Meat Science

How craquelin on choux pastry works

Have you ever seen those profiteroles or cream puffs with a speckled decorated top? The pattern on top almost looks like dried out earth, with a lot of cracks and spaces in between the darker spots of decoration? Note...

Fruit Science

Cheese Science

Pie Science

Cookie Science