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Food Science is science (e.g. physics, chemistry & microbiology) applied to food. It picks up where agricultural sciences wrap up and hands over to the nutritional sciences once the food has been made.

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We food scientists want to know why food behaves the way it does. We can look at large-scale processes, but often digging into small-scale recipes teaches you plenty as well!

We love digging into recipes, explaining why they work, want an example? Check out our scones article.

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  • How Turmeric Gets its Color (& How to Make it Turn Red!)
    The ‘secret’ behind that yellow dal, yellow rice, or beautifully colored curry? A decent chance that it’s turmeric. A mere teaspoon can help color a sauce or dish and it’s not just used in savory dishes. In some countries it…
  • Sour Cream vs Creme Fraîche – Digging into Cultured Creams
    In the Netherlands, sour cream and creme fraîche often share a shelf in the supermarket. They’re packaged in very similar packaging and even look and taste alike to some extent. But recipes can be very specific about using just one…
  • Optimizing Your Babka Filling (+ Several Babka Recipe Variations)
    It’s impossible to count all the different types of breads made in this world. There are simply too many. It’s even more impossible to count all the different iterations within one bread. Everyone makes their baguettes, naans, challah, or tortillas…

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