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  • stew meat (runderriblappen) beefChoosing meat for a stew – Beef pie
    Have you ever bought a beautiful piece of meat, tried to fry it in a frying pan, but no matter what you did, ended up with a leathery, tough piece of meat? Did it turn out dry and certainly not […]
  • cranberry apple pieA basic pie crust – Short crust pastry science
    There are a lot of different styles and types of pie crusts, some are sweet, some savoury. Some crunchy, some soft and tender. Your heritage will probably determine what you call a standard or basic […]
  • chocolate and peanut butter dessert pouring over caramel smSugar cooking & Temperature stages
    Whenever making caramel, marshmallows, honeycomb or just about any other sugar candy you’ll often find that recipe either tells you to boil a sugar syrup to a certain temperature. Or, […]
  • ice cream making with liquid nitrogenMaking ice cream with liquid nitrogen – Growing ice crystals
    An essential part of any holiday (in a warm place that is) is ice cream. It’s fun to find a nice ice cream shop and take plenty of time to choose your flavour (even though you’ll always […]
  • Gift Guide for a Food Science Enthusiast
    If you know someone (could be yourself 😉 ) who loves food & sience and especially the combination of the two: we've got the perfect list of gifts to give! This list is for those people who: Will […]
  • sliced banana with yoghurtEnzymatic browning, polyphenol oxidase & Bananas
    Once you’ve peeled your banana, you’d better eat it. If you forget about it and return a few hours later it will have turned an unappetizing brown. Same goes for leaving an unpeeled […]
  • dried sourdough starterStoring a sourdough starter for months
    Started a sourdough starter for your bread, managed to maintain it for a couple of months, but simply don’t have the time to maintain it the upcoming weeks or months? Maybe you’re going […]
  • shortbread, caramel chocolate barsCaramel science – Making & Fixing caramel
    An almost golden brown colour, sweet, oozy or chewy, runny or firm, caramel can be found in all shapes and sizes. You can make a runny caramel sauce to poor over an ice cream, make some chewy caramel […]
  • pumpkin bread with walnuts and raisinsPumpkin Puree – The science of pumpkins & pectin
    All of a sudden, somewhere in September, supermarkets start filling up with pumpkins. The common orange, but also green, yellow and even blueish pumpkins. Pumpkins work great in a lot of dishes, […]
  • semi freddoThe importance of air in ice cream & Semifreddo
    There are so many different ways to make ice cream. You can simply whip up some cream and mix it with a sugary liquid, you can make it with a custard and introduce air with the ice cream machine. Or […]