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  • pumpkin bread with walnuts and raisinsPumpkin Puree – The science of pumpkins & pectin
    All of a sudden, somewhere in September, supermarkets start filling up with pumpkins. The common orange, but also green, yellow and even blueish pumpkins. Pumpkins work great in a lot of dishes, […]
  • semi freddoThe importance of air in ice cream & Semifreddo
    There are so many different ways to make ice cream. You can simply whip up some cream and mix it with a sugary liquid, you can make it with a custard and introduce air with the ice cream machine. Or […]
  • Making jam – the Science
    If you have fruit trees or plants in your garden you’re probably also swamped with these fruits during certain times of the year. And who has enough space to store 5 kg of figs or 20kg of […]
  • olive oil ice cream, super smoothFreezing point depression in ice cream
    Why is an ice cube rock solid whereas a scoop of Italian gelato is almost liquid like? Even a ‘simple’ popsicle isn’t as hard as a  pure water ice cube. Instead you can bite some […]
  • frying oliebollenOliebollen – ‘The Dutch donut’ vs Donuts
    Some foods you will only eat at very specific times in the year. In the Netherlands this is the case for oliebollen (literally translated this means oil balls). You will eat plenty of them on New […]
  • red velvet roll cake with cream cheese frostingTypes of red food colouring – A guide on red food colours
    Whoever decided to make red velvet cookies with dark cocoa powder must have had some strong bright red coloring. Coloring a dark brown recipe to become red is a lot harder than coloring a simple […]
  • making eggnog the ingredientsEggnog science – On steeping spices and whipping egg whites
    There are plenty foods you will only come across in a certain time of year and eggnog is definitely one of those. If you’ve never heard of eggnog you’re probably not the only one. Eggnog […]
  • microwaved potatoes ready for the final bake in the ovenScience of cooking potatoes & potato starch
    Potatoes are one of the most versatile foods out there. They can be baked, fried, boiled, mashed, to name just a few. Their starch is used for loads of applications, just have a look at a few food […]
  • tasting the future of food ddwThe Future of Food
    How will we make our food in 20-50 years? Will we still eat what we eat today? What should we change and what shouldn’t we? These are all mightily interesting questions and things are bound to […]
  • Hydrox (left) vs. Oreo (right)Hydrox vs. Oreo cookies
    When entering the cookie isle in most large American supermarkets you will probably run into this large blue section, full of similar packages. Full of Oreo cookies. It’s one of the biggest […]