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You want to make good food

You want to make high-quality, safe, delicious products, at scale. You’re passionate about your products and want to make sure you can make them day-in, day-out, in a sustainable manner. You don’t have time for long, extended courses, but want practical science-based advice on making your products, today, tomorrow and next year.

But your expertise is lacking or disappearing

But, your workforce is aging, and you’re worried their knowledge and expertise will get lost as they retire. You don’t have 10 years to train new staff, they should be up and running a lot faster.

Or, you’re just starting out, and realizing you need to generate and document that crucial product knowledge to make your products. Because if things go wrong now, you honestly don’t really know what’s happening, and will just start over and try again.

I’ll help you understand your product

To make good food, you know you need to know your product inside out. That’s where I come in. I can help you understand how your product works and give you the tools and expertise to go ahead and make it, day-in, day-out.

I’ll help you translate food science theory into practical applications.

Annelie experimenting

I’m Annelie, a food scientist by training and I’m passionate about translating food science into practical applications.

I’ve worked in the food industry in research & development positions for over 10 years now and am passionate about communicating, applying and sharing food science in a practical and accessible way.

Here, on FoodCrumbles, I share my knowledge with all through blog articles and by working together with food businesses, big and small.

How I can help you

Take a Course

My online food science courses are designed for Food Makers who truly want to understand their food.

Co-develop a Training

I can help you build your in-house technical trainings so knowledge does not get lost and new employees are up to speed fast.


Developing a new product or process? Need some help to understand what’s going on and how to validate?

Let’s study food

Want to have a go at figuring out what’s going on yourself first? Sure! Browse through all my articles on the science behind a wide variety of foods here on the blog.

Here’s what others had to say

Wonderful course. Annelie explains everything in a very clear way, with a lot of patience.

Naomi S., student in Dec-2022

I am really appreciating the course so far.  I really do enjoy learning about the science of it.  It does make me want to experiment with […] candy for my own enjoyment.

Joanne, student in Sep-2023

I think it´s fantastic to have information for people like me, I am not a food technologist, I am a chef, and I work in food production plant and I am in charge of the development of new products, so having some science in hand is very helpful.
[…] I have done these recipes before,  […] but the science behind them is what I need to understand more, so I can take better decisions!

Diana, student in Sep-2023

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