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Have a look at my latest blog posts, or do a deep dive in food chemistry. When I’m not writing about food science, I tend to sprinkle in some food history, Dutch food or I’ll try to understand and explain recipes.

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The Science Chef

Food Chemistry

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Food chemistry is everywhere around you: in muffins rising up in the oven, bananas or pesto turning brown or the grey colour of an egg yolk.

Food History

History and food are a fascinating combination. The way we eat or ate tells us so much about history. Food has had an enormous impact on our history.

Fruits & Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables are great to cook and bake with but there’s also a lot to learn when it comes to the science of them. Have a look at my series on fruit & vegetable science.

Short crust pastry pies


Once I learned how to make short crust pastry for pies, I couldn’t be stopped and made lots of different versions. It’s not hard as at all and so versatile!

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  • Food Science Basics in 6 weeks – part 4: Food Physics
    Welcome to week 4 of the ‘Food Science Basics in 6 weeks’ course! If you’ve just dropped in mid-way, no problem. Keep on reading if you’d like to learn more about food physics or hop on to the first week of this programme. I think it’s easiest if you follow the courses 1 to 6, […]
  • The beer brewing process – Beer science at home
    Brewing beer at home or in little breweries has become a lot more popular over the past few years. There are a lot of kits available nowadays for everyone to give beer brewing a shot. So that’s exactly what we did as well, we decided to brew our own beer! It proved to be fun […]
  • French baguette – Poolish + Bowl of Water in Oven
    Whenever visiting France there is one thing I really really look forward to: visiting a boulangerie, a bakery. The French baguettes are just so good, always fresh (cause if you keep it for one day only it’ll get stale) and crispy. Of course, besides the ‘basic’ baguettes I also adore their pain au chocolat, a […]
  • Food Science Basics in 6 weeks – part 3: Chemical reactions
    Welcome back to the 6 week mini-course teaching you all about the basics of food science. You’re already in week 3! Last week I introduced you to the wonderful world of food chemistry. We discussed chemical formulas, structural formulas, learned more about atoms and how they form the basis of all of our molecules. In […]

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