"Here we help cooks/chefs and food producers improve their food (production) through their understanding of food science."

So we:

  • Teach our online courses
  • Analyze the science of shared recipes in great detail.
  • Discuss the 'why?' of steps and ingredients in recipes.
  • Write about the basic concepts of (food) science in an easily accesible way.

Food Science Branches

Being a food scientist, I like to group my articles based on the branch of food science it discusses. For those of you just grasping the concept of food science this might not be the most interesting/useful one. But if you've grasped the basics of food science, this categorization can help you find the thing you're looking for. Have a look at the three main categories:

Teach - Courses

Teaching food science is one of our favorite things to do. In most of the posts on this website you will find a bunch of information on food science explained in an accessible and easy to understand way with real life examples.

Besides that there are posts specifically dedicated to teaching and we have our own developed online courses!

Food Chemistry

One of our favorite topics on this website is food chemistry. We discuss the molecules, atoms and reactions within food.